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Though writing is mostly solitary, focused on getting words down on a page, individuals who connect with a writing community on an ongoing basis benefit from support, advice, and the experience of others on the same path. The writers chosen for each monthly Tip Talk share what they’ve gone through to help you avoid similar pitfalls and guide you in the right direction.

Topics beyond those at writing conferences

No panel discussions, no esoteric deep dives into niche topics that fly right over your head. Each talk is focused on a single element or pathway to provide you with knowledge vital to moving forward as a writer. Each monthly group is kept intentionally small, so you’ll have ample time to ask questions and interact with the featured writer and other participants.

Like sitting down with a friend for an honest chat

These are not webinars, but live Zoom calls with a cap set at 12 participants so everyone can see each other on a single screen if you’re joining via desktop, laptop or tablet. The talks are candid, so what you’ll learn goes far beyond what you’d get out of the traditional lecture or workshop. Each is recorded, so if you can’t be there a playback is available and the link will be sent after the workshop.

You are the company you keep. Immerse yourself in the cohort, the expertise, the community of writers you’d always hoped to find.

Linda Lowen, Founder

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Up next in October 2020

Linda Marshall: Writing Books for Young Children

Learn about children’s book publishing from Linda Marshall, author of over a dozen children’s picture and board books published by Scholastic, Random House, Knopf and others. Wed. Oct. 14 from 7-9 pm ET.

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